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Empowering Educational Excellence through Course Materials Interventions.

At MRM Consulting, we understand the critical role that faculty, staff, and administrators play in the successful implementation and management of course materials intervention models like Inclusive and Equitable access. Our comprehensive education, training, and professional development services are designed to empower these key stakeholders with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively support and manage course materials programs at their institutions. Whether your institution leases the bookstore operations or manages an independent campus store, MRM Consulting is your concierge guide to help reduce the cost of and increase access to course materials for your students.

Consulting Services

Program Foundations

Our experts provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and benefits of Inclusive and Equitable Access course materials intervention models, emphasizing the importance of affordable and accessible course materials in promoting student success. Clients gain insights into the current course materials landscape, the role of open educational resources (OER), and the various components of Inclusive and Equitable Access programs.

Best Practices and Implementation Strategies

We equip faculty, staff, and administrators with best practices and strategies for implementing and managing Inclusive and Equitable Access programs. Topics covered include content selection, technology integration, communication and collaboration, and monitoring and evaluation. We provide real-world examples and case studies to illustrate successful program implementation and results.

Faculty Engagement and Support

Our training includes a focus on engaging and supporting faculty members in the adoption and use of Inclusive and Equitable Access course materials models. We provide guidance on incorporating digital content and OER into curricula, working with publishers and content providers, and navigating the changing landscape of course materials.

Customized Programming

Recognizing that each institution has unique needs and challenges, we offer customized training and professional development solutions tailored to the specific needs of your faculty, staff, and administrators. Our team works closely with you to develop a targeted training program that addresses your institution’s priorities and goals with respect to course materials and bookstore operations management.

General Inquiry

It can be difficult to know what we don’t know. Contact us today to see how our MRM Consulting can support you in gaining a deeper understanding of the campus bookstore, course materials, Inclusive Access, Equitable Access, or any other course materials intervention.